Network Status:


Maintenance Performed or Scheduled

7/10/2002No service scheduled.
10/7/2002All E-mail servers patched with the latest E-mail virus dat files to protect our clients from the BugBear Virus. No other changes are scheduled
12/14/2002Email Servers were down for 30 min today due to upgrading.
4/24/2003Major Server and bandwidth upgrade started
4/29/2003Bandwidth up grade finished
1/7/2004A Email spam prevention company went out of business last night. This caused all SMTP traffic to be blocked. The problem was solved by removing their checking ability on our servers.
8/26/2004Circuit related issues caused down time between 8:10am-10:00am. Bellsouth was notified promptly that all circuits were down. 10:00am traffic will have high utilization due to the overwhelming backlog. Please be patient until traffic is at a normal level.
8/7/2006Added Redundent Fiber connections to Sanford Location
11/9/2006Upgraded Sql Server to 2005
But new Web server on line
3/8/2007Upgraded mail system service packed all servers
7/9/2007Service Packed all public Servers
9/4/2007Service packed all public Servers
10/3/2007There will be maintanance through out the day and night on all web servers and Sql servers.
11/8/2007SQL cluster Added new hotstandby controllers and checked all database structures.Service backed all Web servers
12/9/2008Web Hosting status 100%
Mail cluster upgrade compleated with 0 downtime.